Slow recovery expected for senator

Doctors at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson continue to take things as slowly as possible with state senator and Lauderdale County resident Videt Carmichael.
“The doctors are taking it slow on purpose, trying to find a mix of being able to keep him calm and slowly pulling him off of these sedatives so that they can further access the brain,” said the senator’s son, Fredie Carmichael, Thursday afternoon.
“The MRIs, scans and other procedures – there’s nothing that they (doctors) are seeing that’s really concerning them. They say there may be some short-term memory, but a lot of it they won’t be able to know until they actually get to talk to him,” the statesman’s son said.
Until then, Sen. Carmichael remains heavily sedated in an induced coma, and on the ventilator.
Late on the evening of March 31, the senator was rushed to UMMC after he lost consciousness at his Jackson apartment, fell and suffered a head injury. The statesman underwent emergency surgery for a bleeding ulcer. He is currently listed in critical, but stable condition.

Meridian Star