The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 2/22/9

At least one Mississippi senator is ready to place the voter identification issue on a statewide ballot if it isn’t approved during the 2009 session of the Legislature.

Sen. Joey Fillingane, R-Sumrall, is trying to gather enough signatures to get a constitutional amendment for photo ID on the ballot.

Last week, Fillingane stressed that he prefers the Legislature pass a law this session to require voter identification, but he is prepared to try to amend the state Constitution to deal with the issue if the Legislature doesn’t act.

“The idea is to be respectful of the legislative process,” said Fillingane, who chairs the Judiciary A Committee. “That is why you have not heard more about it. There are two (voter ID) bills still alive this session.”

Voter identification has been one of the most contentious issues the Legislature has dealt with in recent years.

Supporters say it is a method to reduce voter fraud.