State Senators Parker (R) and Simmons (D) released a joint statement calling for a Mississippi flag change on Wednesday morning via Twitter.

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Senator Derrick Simmons
Senator David Parker


Republican and Democrat call for healing compromise

JACKSON (June 23, 2015) – Today Senator David Parker (R-Olive Branch) and Senator Derrick Simmons (D-Greenville) issued a joint statement calling for a change in the Flag of Mississippi.

“Last year the Mississippi legislature changed the Great Seal of the State of Mississippi to add ‘In God We Trust’ to that historic symbol of our state. It recognizes our very real and historic recognition of a God who created all men equal and whose divine providence has shaped America and Mississippi.”

“We believe it is time to change another historic symbol of our state, because we recognize that many of our citizens feel it is hurtful and represents a time and perspective that did not respect equality.”

“For too long we have engaged in endless debates between heritage and hate. We believe we should find a compromise that embraces history and healing. We look forward to working together in the legislature on a better way to represent Mississippi with our official flag.”

“There will be people of faith; both Republican and Democrat; both black and white; who will disagree with our position. We do not question their hearts, but we believe we must find a healing compromise to get past these disagreements and find common ground solutions on improving education, inviting job creation and making our communities safe and prosperous.”

Senator David Parker is an optometrist in Olive Branch. A Republican, he was elected in 2012 and serves on the Senate Economic Development; Elections; Judiciary-A; Housing; and Public Health & Welfare committees.

Senator Derrick Simmons is a trial lawyer from Greenville. A Democrat, he was elected in 2011 and serves as Senate Chairman of Enrolled Bills, and also serves on Compilation, Revision & Publication; Corrections; Insurance; Judiciary A; Judiciary B; Labor; and Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks committees.