Fitch didn’t print notices in 2012

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch continues a media tour touting the publication of $31 million in unclaimed properties that hit most Mississippi newspapers last week, six years past what state law mandates.

State law requires the notices be published every three years…

…Fitch’s office maintained for years that posting the notices on a state web site met the “publishing” requirement, but newspaper publishers objected.

Fitch late Wednesday issued a statement acknowledging she “took a different approach” that she felt met the “spirit of the law” by posting unclaimed property on the internet and buying print ads directing people to the web.

Madison County Journal Publisher Jim Prince was president of the MPA board two of the three years the notices went unpublished.

“There is a reason the law says the Treasurer ‘shall cause notice to be published’ and that’s so the public has access,” said Prince, who has owned the Journal for 23 years.

“She wouldn’t even return my calls to set up an appointment to discuss the matter.”

Madison County Journal