Treasurer Lynn Fitch details state debt issues

“Then the question is, so how much do we owe?” explained State Treasurer Lynn Fitch. “How much do we owe? If we owe $4.3 billion on our credit card, basically, we all owe $1,707 for state debt. We’re responsible for that. That’s every man, woman and child.”

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch gave a rundown of where the state stands at the Stennis Press Luncheon Monday. She explained that Mississippi needs to get the debt under control.

The bond indebtedness has gone up by $1.3 billion in the last ten years.

“We need to be at each project before we ask the taxpayer to be responsible,” noted Fitch. “We need to look at those projects in the sustainability and the links of the asset and determine if it’s a project should go to another funding mechanism.”