Statement from Congressman Travis Childers on Congressional Delegation to the Middle East

Washington, DC – Congressman Travis Childers (D-MS) gave the following statement on Day 3 of his Congressional Delegation trip to the Middle East. The Congressman spent much of his second and third days in official meetings on the Iraqi economy, including scheduled briefings with General David Patraeus and Yonadam Kanna, Iraq’s Co-Chairman of the Committee on the Economy.

“Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in several briefings at the U.S. Embassy and meet with local Iraqi leaders on the state of Iraq’s economy. I remain convinced that the Iraqi government needs to step up its own efforts to strengthen and repair the country’s economic situation.

“Our own economy is taking a huge hit every day that we stay in Iraq. We are spending billions of dollars on a daily basis, which is damaging to our country beyond the dollar amount itself. Funds spent in Iraq are funds we can’t spend at home to invest in sources of alternative energy, job growth, and economic development.

“North Mississippians would like to see our troops return home sooner rather than later, and I am for bringing our soldiers back honorably and safely. That being said, I believe our fine men and women serving overseas are doing an amazing job. The opportunity to travel to Iraq has given me an even greater understanding and appreciation of our soldiers’ dedication to protecting our freedoms and I am truly in awe of the challenging work they do every day. Now it is time for the Iraqis to take increased responsibility.”

Rep. Travis Childers Press Release