Last week I was made aware of a number of direct mail “hit pieces” by a so-called gun rights organization from out of state. These attacks were targeted exclusively at pro-gun, incumbent Republican legislators here in Mississippi. Upon further review I was surprised to learn the legislators being attacked were the same legislators who have most consistently voted for and supported every pro-Second Amendment legislative effort over the last four years.

Why would a so-called gun rights organization attack NRA-endorsed conservative Republicans in Mississippi? I can only speculate at the true motive for these attacks.

Yet in the face of deception, half-truths and untruths, the truth will always prevail. The Republican-led Mississippi Legislature has done more to support our citizens’ Second Amendment rights in the last four years than the Democrats did in 135 years. In fact, we’ve had to correct a number of anti-gun policies and interpretations previously adopted under Democrat control. Because of our efforts, today Mississippi’s concealed carry license is recognized in 35 states nationwide. And law-abiding Mississippians who can’t afford or don’t want to purchase a concealed carry license can carry openly or concealed without a license as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Conservative Republican legislators stood with us every step of the way enacting these reforms. If you wonder whether a legislator supports gun rights, their record speaks for itself as shown by the NRA endorsement – the truly meaningful indicator of legislators’ Second Amendment support.

At the polls on August 4th, do not allow yourself to be deceived by the baseless and misleading shadowy attacks against solid pro-gun Republicans. Vote for the Republican candidates who have walked the walk, not just talked the talk.

Rep. Andy Gipson
Chairman, House Judiciary B Committee
2013 NRA-ILA Defender of Freedom Award Recipient
2013 Kirk Fordice Freedom Award Recipient