Statement on 2010 Fundraising Activities, Luckett for Governor Committee

Luckett for Governor Committee Today Files 2010 Finance Report with Mississippi Secretary of State

Clarksdale, MS – Today marks the deadline for all candidate committees to file their 2010 finance reports in Mississippi. Bill Luckett, Democratic candidate for Governor, issues the following statement and facts in anticipation of the Secretary of State’s release of the Luckett for Governor 2010 report:
“Over the past year, I’ve traveled across our great state meeting with fellow citizens who have shared their hopes and dreams for the future. We all want the same things – good paying jobs, great schools, and an honest and hardworking state government focused on creating an atmosphere that allows our families to be strong and solid. Our campaign for governor is ready to deliver a hard working state government, great schools and good, high paying jobs. Professional politicians won’t get us there. I will.”
The Luckett for Governor Committee reported today to the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office an impressive $486,555.70 raised a year out from the race for Governor and while voters were focused on the 2010 federal elections. Luckett also reports maintaining a cash on hand of $350,622.88. A whopping 75% of the resources raised come from Mississippians.
The report also reveals that supporters of Bill Luckett are from all corners and all walks of life in Mississippi. They are business owners, young professionals, farmers, and retirees who believe in Luckett’s vision to create better jobs. The vast majority of contributors are individuals, and not corporations. Those individuals represent their families and their communities, and only want a government that will serve them fairly and honestly. They are not looking for political favors or special treatment. 
“We’re poised to win the governorship for hard working Mississippians and their families. The time is now to move our state forward. Professional politicians won’t get us there. I will.”

Luckett for Gov.