Exchanging ideas produces positive results for Mississippi

No one, and certainly not Mr. Minor, has a monopoly on good ideas about how to make Mississippi a better and stronger state. ALEC is the largest voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the country. Through this forum, lawmakers across the country share ideas, grow a stronger Democracy and help make government work more efficiently and effectively. This recipe for growth and effectiveness creates opportunity for all Mississippians.

Steve Seale
National chairman of the Private Enterprise Advisory Council of the American Legislative Exchange Council
Clarion Ledger


ALAC(sic) Is Indefensible

Steve Seal(sic), chairman of The American Leglislative(sic) Exchange Council wrote an article in the Clarion-Ledger defending ALAC(sic). ALAC’s(sic) existence cannot be defended in a democracy. Billionaires and corporations invite legislators and congressmen to become members. Members are invited to luxury resorts three time a year to work on model legislation. Fortunately, public awareness and anger of ALAC(sic) has caused some major corporations to withdraw their support. Voters are also becoming more informed about their legislator’s membership. I suggest that legislators spend the time meeting with their constitutes(sic) rather than lobbyist(sic).

Archie King
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