Simpson: Hood Waited To File Suit Against BP For Political Reasons

release: “Jim Hood waited almost one year after Louisiana and Alabama took the fight against BP to court before bringing any legal action on behalf of Mississippi Gulf Coast victims. In the meantime, he accepted more than $125,000 from attorneys and law-firms with a significant financial stake in the outcome of BP-litigation.”

And here are various quotes from Simpson, from that same press release: “Jim Hood is a political opportunist who saw the economic damage caused by BP as an opportunity to bankroll his re-election campaign. Jim Hood used Mississippi’s misfortune for his own political gain, attempting to get some positive headlines before Election Day and fill his bank account with more than $125,000 in donations from lawyers looking to benefit from BP-related lawsuits…Jim Hood should be representing only one client in court – the hard working Mississippians whose experienced financial hardship due to the spill…Jim Hood needs to immediately return these tainted contributions and focus on protecting the Coastal victims of the oil spill.”

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