Here’s Steve Simpson’s response to the recent attacks and criticism from JIm Hood….(as submitted to the Clarion Ledger and Sun Herald)

“For Jim Hood to insinuate that the use of a state plane to attend the funerals of troopers and assess potential hurricane damage re-defines hypocrisy considering the fact that Hood accepted an all-expenses paid trip to Ireland in 2008 along with an attorney from one of his largest campaign contributors, Bernstein, Litowitz, Berger & Grossman, a New York City law-firm that has made millions from legal contracts hand-delivered by Jim Hood. Instead of smearing Steve Simpson, perhaps Jim Hood should tell the Mississippi voters who are struggling to make ends-meet in this tough economy why he thought it was appropriate to spend almost $50,000 of their money on luxury gym memberships and weight watchers seminars for himself and his employees.

“Jim Hood has used the Attorney General’s office as his own personal piggy-bank, handing out multi-million dollar legal contracts to law-firms in places like New York City and California. These same firms that have made millions on the backs of Mississippi taxpayers thanks to Jim Hood have returned the favor by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to his political campaigns.

“Jim Hood’s open embrace of political corruption, including his refusal to prosecute convicted felons that have donated several hundred thousand dollars to his political campaign because it would be like ‘prosecuting his own family,’ combined with his proud support of Obamacare prove unequivocally that his principal focus as Attorney General is not representing the citizens of Mississippi – but lining the pockets of his largest political supporters.”

Received from the Steve Simpson for Attorney General Campaign