Steve Spurrier on thinking his team could win it all last year: “We were dead wrong.”

Steve Spurrier is hilarious. I mean, he just is. He’s up there at the dais, wrapping up SEC Kickoff 2008, and he’s really putting a bow on this thing.
If you haven’t heard Spurrier do his thing in person, it’s really something. I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone toss around these one-liners like Spurrier. Want a sample?
On Bobby Petrino’s return to the SEC: “I told Bobby when he took the job, I’ll give you two years, you’ll come back to college. It didn’t take that long, when that turned into a situation. I guess his lifestyle is like mine. He likes an offseason.”

On his team’s confidence: “We may lack confidence, but we haven’t done enough to gain confidence.”