Mr. Taylor has taken the easy path of slamming me rather than talking about why he supports Obama’s nearly $2 trillion tax hike or explaining why he voted for the most liberal Speaker of the House in U.S. history, Nancy Pelosi. While Gene is attacking me, our country’s debt is increasing to $14 trillion thanks to bailout after bailout that he and the Pelosi Democrats support. In Mississippi we still have an unemployment rate of 10 percent, but Gene won’t talk about these issues, and I’m honestly not surprised. If I supported such liberal agendas while pretending to represent a conservative area like South Mississippi, I wouldn’t be interested in talking about them, either.

What Mr. Taylor fails to mention in his ad is that this year I voted for two bills that would strengthen private property protection and that I am a strong proponent of proposition 31, which is an initiative led by Farm Bureau for Mississippians to vote on property protection. They now have the signatures required to put this on the ballot in 2011. The bill I voted against was not, in my view, strong enough in terms of protecting private property rights. I wanted more guarantees and protection that was more clearly written to not contradict other code sections such as ports, airports, major economic act, housing authorities, etc. I felt at the time that the most conservative action was to veto the current bill, so that a stronger one could be written.

I have an impeccable conservative record, something Gene Taylor lacks. I have never voted for a tax raise of any kind in the State House, and I promise to continue this trend in Congress. I will never vote for tax raises, but instead support tax cuts. I’ve led the efforts in the State House to reaffirm state rights, in order to protect Mississippians from the overreaching authority of the federal government and to promote efforts to block ObamaCare from paying for taxpayer-funded abortions. As a former Marine and combat veteran, I’m willing to fight for our freedom. Gene Taylor is playing politics as usual, but that is to be expected when you are talking about a person who votes for Nancy Pelosi while in Washington, D.C., but acts conservative in South Mississippi. I’m running to save our country and restore conservatism to Congress.

Warm regards,

Steven Palazzo

Steven Palazzo MS-4 Campaign Release