States have the authority to govern themselves

In re: “Mississippi should not emulate Arizona”

The debate over Arizona’s SB 1070 was prompted by the federal government’s failure in its responsibility to the American people to secure the border. The Obama administration sued the state of Arizona for its attempt to enforce laws that the federal government had failed to enforce; sending a clear signal that the federal government will intercede on state laws that his administration does not approve. This intrusive action by the federal government against the rights reserved to state and local government gravely concerns me.

We’ve learned that when there is a problem, we cannot rely on career politicians in Washington to solve it. Mississippi holds the right to follow Arizona’s lead and enforce laws that the federal government has proven incapable of enforcing.

During what was supposed to be “recovery summer,” the president and his administration were busy suing Arizona instead of creating jobs. Not only has the Obama administration proven wrong on their overreaching action against Arizona, but this administration has bungled their handling of the economy. The president should be more focused on creating real jobs and restoring long-term prosperity rather than suing sovereign states.

I do believe our country is comprised of indestructible states that have the authority to govern themselves; especially in light of the federal government’s consistent inability to deliver and execute responsible public policy. What we need is less intrusive federal government dictation and more power reserved to state and local government.

The administration’s lawsuit against Arizona has overreached constitutional boundaries. Arizona SB 1070 does not craft new immigration policy; it only provides new tools for the enforcement of existing federal laws. I welcome applying an Arizona-style immigration law to Mississippi.


State Representative District 116

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