Steven Palazzo Reacts to Health Care and “Members” Run Amok

Steven Palazzo Reacts to Health Care and “Members” Run Amok

(Biloxi) –Steven Palazzo issued the following statements regarding the passage of Health Care “reform” in the House tonight:

“Today is a sad day for all Americans. I am deeply concerned and upset that Democrats in Washington, led by Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, are not only ignoring our Constitution, so that they can expand government’s role in our everyday lives, but they are also clearly not listening to the millions of Americans that are opposed to this expansion of government.

“Like many South Mississippians, I am strongly opposed to this legislation and as your Congressman I would work nonstop to convince as many Members to join the American public in opposition. Unfortunately, I read today that our current Representative Gene Taylor is advising democrats who vote no today that they should “immediately leave the House Chamber,” so they won’t be “treated like a piñata.” (The Hill (3/21/10) – “Democratic defector: Vote no quickly or get treated ‘like a piñata’). “As your Congressman, I won’t be Pelosi’s piñata. I will wield the stick and use it to beat down the liberal’s agenda.”

At a time when the people of South Mississippi need a real leader with courage to stop the liberals in Washington, one who will hold the line against government expansion, Rep. Taylor’s advice is to cast your vote and run away! Taylor did not runaway when he voted for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of House – twice. Although Taylor voted no today, his vote for Nancy Pelosi empowered her and Obama to pass this health care legislation over the will of the American people.

State Representative Steven Palazzo pledged, “Once I am elected, I will do everything possible to repeal this unconstitutional health care legislation, and put a stop to the liberal policies being passed against the will of the American people. As a Marine Veteran, I am ready to fight for South Mississippi and our nation in Washington.”

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