Still looking for a reason to get fired up for Week 1?

Listing options that include — but go far beyond — new karma smell is the easiest method of excelling as a salesman for the 2008 college football season.
What do I have to do to put you in (or in front of) a game this weekend?

I could remind you the first four weeks of the college season are defined by games that actually count on a team’s permanent record. It also should be pointed out that paying attention to college football is crucial because — based on recent projections — 83 percent of U.S. cities and towns will host a bowl game in the next 10 years.
Keeping an eye on college football is wise because at any moment, a team could lunge from a national ranking of seven and end up in the BCS championship game.
Another selling point is the potential of watching a mascot (non-human in some cases) bite someone.
If you’re not convinced of college football’s ability to generate good times, take the following options on a test drive: