Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Buckeyes top Dawgs
Against the tide of an emerging preseason consensus … against the wishes Fox, which frowns on televising re-runs in January … against my better judgment…

Ohio State is No. 1.
For now, in the post-spring top 25, but maybe right up until kickoff. Yeah, I know, you’ve already seen this movie. The outcome is more predictable than an M. Night Shyamalan film, and twice as scary. The Buckeyes are good enough for the Big Ten, but hopelessly outclassed in the big game. Oh, the humanity.

I know, it’s getting bo-ring. How long, you ask, can this cow be milked?

Answer: Grab an udder, Zeke.

Ohio State looks like the best thing on 44 legs right now. That is a reference to the starting 22, of which 18 are returning starters. We’re talking some of the nation’s best, most-decorated players — tailback Beanie Wells, linebacker James Laurinaitis, defensive back Malcolm Jenkins. Heck, quarterback Todd Boeckman already is rated one of the best quarterbacks available in the 2009 draft.

Todd Boeckman?