Strange doings at Auburn another sign of the times in college football

The spin coming out of Auburn is that Tommy Tuberville fired coordinator Tony Franklin because the new offense was going nowhere. Auburn had been picked as the favorite to win the SEC West but dropped league games to LSU and Vanderbilt after beating Mississippi State 3-2.

Tuberville’s explanation doesn’t add up since Franklin got a public vote of confidence a few days before. The story I’m getting is Franklin’s coaching style was creating serious friction and division among the players and staff, and he had to go. In short, Franklin blew a gasket.
Rich Franklin’s offense wasn’t on par with Auburn’s strong defense. (AP)
I know as a former player that teams can start dividing over several issues, but usually it comes when one side of the ball doesn’t believe the other side is holding up its end of the deal. In Auburn’s case, the defense is ranked seventh nationally while the offense is 104th in yards per game and 103rd in scoring.