Strange: TitleTown doesn’t quite fit

Maybe you missed it Monday night, but in there between a big baseball trade and Madonna’s denial that she’s throwing batting practice for A-Rod, Knoxville got some love on ESPN’s SportsCenter.
Our fair city is one of 20 finalists in ESPN’s “TitleTown USA” promotion. It’s a contest to help fill airtime in July when there essentially is nothing else to report on other than major league baseball.
When I Googled TitleTown, the first screen of entries all came back Green Bay, Wis. But what’s the shelf life of a nickname? The beloved Packers may claim 12 NFL championships, but only one since 1968.
Knoxville’s candidacy, if you watched the show, is based entirely on the University of Tennessee’s athletic teams and the fanatical support they engender. Don’t think we got any points for the Ice Bears.