Ole Miss student Nester Delgado – OPINION: Communication with legislature is important in tuition funding

The Mississippi legislature has sent Ole Miss a warning.

Just last week, the Office of Financial Aid sent out an email stating that “The legislature has eliminated the ‘stacking’  of undergraduate grants. If a student is eligible for more than one grant program, students will receive aid through the program that will award the larger amount… The following grants are included in this new rule: Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG), Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant (MESG), Higher Education Legislative Plan for Needy Students (HELP), Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers & Firemen Scholarship (LAW), Nissan Scholarship.”

This might mark the beginning of the end of tuition affordability at the University of Mississippi.

It first begins with amendments such as the one students received an email about, then the legislature decides to cut grant programs altogether, and then it withdraws funding from the university as a whole.

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