Palazzo: new studies on uninsured show need for ACA repeal

Rep. Steven Palazzo was in Purvis to attend a law enforcement First Friday luncheon.

Two new surveys released last week show that few uninsured Americans are signing up for Obamacare. One study says the uninsured believe they can’t afford it, while another says those same people are less likely to know about the new healthcare law.

Congressman Steven Palazzo says it’s one more reason to repeal it.

“I voted 40 times to repeal, replace, dismantle, defund, delay,” Palazzo said. “I think now we need to fix it, make it work, in the sense that it’s not going to increase premiums, it’s not going to get in front of the doctor-patient relationship, but make it palatable to Americans, so we don’t destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world.” He added, “But, also I’d like to win the Senate and win the presidency and hold the House and repeal the entire bill.”