I’ve enjoyed traveling the state over the last six months and speaking with everyone. I have discussed the issues I feel concern the state and the office of state auditor the most. I have done the best I could with the limited resources at hand. Will it be enough to become the democratic nominee for state auditor? That question should be answered in just 4 to 5 more days.

The Office of State Auditor is not a stepping stone to me. I’m running for the office because I believe deeply in it and not to move up to another state wide position in 4 years. I will not use the office for political gain and will work closely with the State Attorney General, local District Attorneys and CPAs in the future.

I ask you to look at what each candidate brings to the table and vote for the most qualified. Not the one that raised the most money or the papers have picked, but the one that can do the best job for the tax payers of Mississippi.

I’m blessed in that I’ve been able to serve the state as a state auditor for over 23 years, but I ask you to let me serve you 4 more years as THE STATE AUDITOR.

Mike Sumrall Campaign Release