Critics of U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo say he’s not accessible

As Dave Garey has fought with the FCC in his effort to bring back a defunct AM talk-radio station to the Coast, he said he has tried dozens of times to talk directly with freshman U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo, to no avail.

“I was promised two times in April that he would talk with me on the telephone, but he stood me up,” Garey said. “I’m not his enemy. I’m trying to deal with a federal bureaucratic nightmare and needed a congressman’s help. From what he ran on, you would think he would be the first one to try to help a small-business person up against a big federal bureaucracy.”

Palazzo has faced criticism that he isn’t accessible and that, unlike his predecessor and Mississippi’s other congressmen, hasn’t been holding local town-hall meetings where people can present him with questions and complaints.

Sun Herald