GOP leader: McDaniel has explaining to do about Guntown rally

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef told NBC McDaniel should explain why he was listed on the flier along with Pace Confederate Depot, which sells White Pride merchandise.

“I think he should clear it up as fast as he can,” Nosef told NBC. “Running for the United States Senate is a very important thing and as a party we need to always be careful and focused and serious about what our views are and what our interests are. And if Sen. McDaniel thinks that there’s more to tell, to explain it, my thought as the party chairman would be, the sooner the better.”

McDaniel spokesman Noel Fritch, asked about the rally, said in an email, “Chris McDaniel never confirmed to attend the event and will not attend.”

Y’all politics said Brian Pace said on Confederate Depot’s Facebook page white pride referred to “European Heritage & Culture. That has nothing to do with a ‘racial’ term only meaning our European ancestry.”

Rally organizers aren’t happy. The blog posted two lengthy comments from them saying, among other things, “We have received over 700 messages from folks probably stopping their support for Chris because he bailed so fast over a blog story.”

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