Bryant is key to the pace of drilling

MEPI President Patrick Sullivan believes his group has made a better case for offshore oil and gas exploration and extraction than in the months leading up to Hurricane Katrina.

“I think things are different now and most notably, we’ve had the education effort on the front end that started last year,” Sullivan said. “I think people now have a better understanding of what this will look like and where it will be and what the benefits are. A lot of people’s opinions over recent years has changed, because they’ve seen the damage high energy prices can do in a state like Mississippi.”

They’ve also seen the damage of the BP oil spill.

And they’ve seen that even the mere suggestion or the unfounded perception of a fouled environment can keep tourists away.

Those are just two of the reasons we again call on Bryant to slow down the process of permitting either oil or gas rigs in Mississippi’s coastal waters.

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