Sun-Herald – Dixie Mafia insider, Gillich provides fodder for attorney’s book

By ANITA LEE – [email protected]

GULFPORT — Dixie Mafioso Mike Gillich Jr. and his wife, Frances, shared stories of their gangster days with a Gulfport attorney who has dramatized the events in a newly released book “Dream Room.”

Gillich was convicted in the conspiracy that led to the 1987 murders of Circuit Court Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife, Margaret, a former Biloxi councilwoman and mayoral candidate. Attorney Chet Nicholson, who represented Gillich post-conviction and in a plea deal he reached with the federal government, recorded the stories over a period of weeks after the former striptease club owner was released from prison and married Frances, whom he had adored since she was young.

Although “Dream Room” is categorized as true crime, Nicholson fleshed out their stories with fictional dialogue and scenes. Gillich talked about the cops and politicians he paid off, but their names were changed for the book. He and Frances Gillich also talked at length about the exploits of his mentor and her previous husband, Dixie Mafia hit man Little Henry Salisbury.