SUN HERALD | Editorial: SRHS retirees have one voice left, their vote

So the Jackson County supervisors are tired of hearing from their constituents.

Come to us privately with questions, they say. Write them down, they say. But don’t ask us in public.

The public should be even more tired of the supervisors….

…Supervisors, if they are as sympathetic to the retirees’ plight as they claim they are, should allow the retirees and others to openly ask questions, and give complete and honest answers. To do otherwise is disrespectful.

Time after time supervisors claim to be on the retirees’ side.

But their actions, once again, say otherwise.

Of course, as the supervisors say, talking to the people isn’t required by law.

But that leaves retirees and employees no other option than to speak loudly later this year at the ballot box. No answer from the supervisors would be required there either.