SUN-HERALD – Life’s busy for Lott, former senator still a force in Washington

Sometimes when he’s waiting in an airport on one of his many business trips, former U.S. Sen. Trent Lott has odd encounters with low-talking well-wishers who don’t realize he no longer holds public office.
“They’ll come over and they whisper, ‘Is Washington going to do all this stuff?,’” Lott said with a laugh. “A lot of them come up to me and say ‘Thank you for your service and thank you for your good work.’ They don’t know I’m retired.”
Lott left the Senate two years ago, after having held its most powerful position, majority leader, and after serving as one of the architects of modern congressional politics. He and former Louisiana Democratic Sen. John Breaux founded “The Breaux-Lott Leadership Group,” a lobbying firm. Their list of clients includes corporations such as Chevron, Shell, Northrop Grumman, FedEx, Tyson Foods and General Electric, most of which have ties to Mississippi or Louisiana. Lott is also on the corporate board for EADS North America, which has a helicopter plant in Columbus and he also works with the Mississippi Phosphates board.

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