SUN HERALD – Pickering urges documentation of all oil-spill expenses

BILOXI — City and state leaders who met Wednesday with State Auditor Stacey Pickering said the oil spill has moved to a new phase — from “wait and see” to “get ready” for the oil.

“When it starts to wash up, it’s real,” said Rep. Brandon Jones, D-Pascagoula. The oil has reached Petit Bois Island, about 20 miles from Pascagoula. The slick exceeds the length of the island, Jones said, so some of the oil will get past Petit Bois and head for the mainland.

“It looks like the honeymoon is over,” he said.

Pickering said every Coast city needs to declare a state of emergency if it hasn’t already, and update it every 30 days.

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