SUNDAY MORNING WITH — Alan Lange, Businessman, Y’all

There are aggregators, bloggers and citizen journalists. What’s the difference and where do you fit into the mix?

A pure aggregator would be like the Drudge Report, or more locally, the Magnolia Report. There are lots of pure bloggers, most of whom operate in relative obscurity, who offer their opinion about this or that. Citizen journalists are bloggers who delve into the facts of the story. Honestly, Y’allPolitics does some of all three. Though we are normally satisfied to aggregate and comment on stories, sometimes we find ourselves reporting on complex things because it’s not getting the attention that it deserves in a few column inches of newsprint or a 90-second package on the local TV news.

What’s the concept behind Y’allPolitics. com?

The idea is based upon “democratizing” information of all sorts to create transparency in both the political realm and the media. Y’allPolitics was built as a political interest Website focusing on all facets of politics in Mississippi. Every day, we bring stories and resources into an organized platform so that our users can be more informed about local issues, policies of statewide elected officials, the Mississippi Legislature and our Washington D.C. delegation. Our goal is to get people informed and engaged in issues that matter.

You’ve blogged extensively on both the Paul Minor and Dickie Scruggs corruption cases. Why?

Both of these go to the very heart of our court system, which affects everyone. I regularly talk to lawyers around the state who are going through old cases in their mind, wondering: “Did something funny happen in that case? Was that judge corrupted?” That breeds distrust in the system, which is incredibly corrosive. I think it’s imperative to get everything that happened in these cases exposed and analyzed so we can make sure it never happens again. In the Scruggs affair, I think we are nearing completion, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one more indictment.

Sid Salter
Clarion Ledger