Sunday Morning With: Rickey Cole

Democrats only won one statewide office and lost control of the House and Senate in the past elections. That might be called a political shellacking. Why were Republicans so successful and Democrats were not? What do see for the future of the party in Mississippi?
As long as election results are dictated by who can spend the most on television advertising, Democrats will tend to be at a disadvantage. We were heavily outspent in advertising in 2011, and we did not organize effectively to counter the Republican financial advantage. We have to be much better organized, trained and mobilized at the grassroots in every precinct, and we must raise money from a wide variety of comparatively modest sources. Once we have a strong field operation that competes for every possible vote in every precinct and a broad base of small donors, we can be successful in two-party competition. That is the ongoing work we must do consistently to be competitive in the future.

Clarion Ledger