Report: Waveland mayor first in state to publicly support same-sex marriage

WAVELAND — Waveland Mayor David Garcia said he believes that all residents in his city should have the freedom to marry, and his opinion was made public on Wednesday.

Southerners for the Freedom to Marry announced in a press release that Garcia became the first mayor in Mississippi to openly support gay marriage.

Garcia joins more than 450 mayors from the southern region of the United States that joined Southerners for Freedom Marry’s campaign to “back freedom and dignity for all loving couples and their families.”

Garcia said several gay and lesbian couples who reside in Waveland have approached him and asked about his stance on gay marriage.

“We know many people in loving and committed same-sex relationships who are active participants in improving our communities and we’ve seen how important marriage has been for them and their families,” Garcia said. “Because I believe in fairness for all American families, I support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples willing to take on that commitment.”