We can write our own chapter of Mississippi history

“Forget, hell!” has been our battle cry too often on the road from then to now, and too many of our leaders have used the sentiment like a narcotic to dull the pain of our economic and educational deficits.

The tragedy in Charleston has launched a stirring new sentiment within that seems to speak to many and offers a new will across the South for us throw off the weight of the past and to embrace a new day.

If in these days of reflection we can remove the battle flag from our public spaces and retire them to museums and books, we will have written our own chapter of Mississippi history, one in which we can say WE THE PEOPLE honored those victims of hatred with this inestimable gift of understanding and even peace.

It is the next step on our journey to a more perfect union, and it is a gift to our children and theirs that will allow them to be free of a symbol of the past we have carried far too long.

Sun Herald Editorial