SUN HERALD | Editorial: Test score decline is worrisome

Seems most South Mississippi school officials say they are OK with the drop in test scores reflected by the most recent Mississippi Curriculum Test, 2nd Edition.

We aren’t. Our scores for the most part had been improving and a decline, no matter what the reason, is cause for concern.

They say the drop was expected because Common Core, the new standards many districts recently implemented, was not aligned with the test. Really? Then that was a waste of money. Why not skip a year until the test is aligned with the standards?…

….But until they do, the state Education Department has just pitched a big old softball to opponents of Common Core. The standards are already in trouble. The Conservative Coalition in the Senate is out to kill Common Core. Gov. Phil Bryant told the Neshoba County Fair crowd “you bet we’ll be talking about” Common Core in the next legislative session.