SUN HERALD | Editorial: Let’s send Gene Taylor back to Congress

The Sun Herald endorses Gene Taylor for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Defeated as the incumbent Democrat four years ago, Taylor is trying to return to Congress as a Republican.

We urge voters to support that effort. Here are some of the reasons why:

Access: Taylor held regular face-to-face town hall meetings across the congressional district throughout his decades in office. We think constituents would welcome the return of such personal contact with their congressman.

Constituent Services: Taylor knows how to put together a staff that can and will assist the people of South Mississippi in dealing with the federal government.

The Budget, Deficit and Debt: When Taylor first went to Congress, the federal debt was less than $1 trillion. Yet he quickly realized it was escalating and becoming an unnecessary burden on taxpayers. The debt has since risen to more than $17 trillion and Taylor is as convinced as ever that a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution is necessary to begin to regain control of federal finances.

The Military: Taylor’s approach to national defense is reassuringly realistic. He appreciates the perils of war. And it goes far beyond rhetoric. While in Congress, Taylor made 20 trips to war zones to visit the troops and see for himself what they needed and then determined how to provide it.

Hurricane Katrina: Taylor became one of the first first responders. His own home destroyed, Taylor devoted himself to bringing as many resources of the federal government — including a military hospital ship — to the Coast to help its residents cope with the worst natural disaster ever to strike the nation.

Taylor is confident his credibility and experience will serve the district well, even if he returns to Congress as a Republican.

We trust it will, and hope you will give Taylor another opportunity to serve South Mississippi and the nation in Congress.