Nominations for state attorney posts under way

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson’s office has made nominations for U.S. attorney positions in Mississippi and awaits action from President Barack Obama, who must fill a large number of open slots.

Currently, none of the rumored candidates for the Southern District is from South Mississippi. The appointments of the prosecutors, which the president makes and the Senate confirms, only began within the last few weeks. There are 93 U.S. Attorney positions and usually there is a large turnover when a new presidential administration assumes power. Some believe it could take up to a year and often little is released before the nominations are officially made.

The recommendations typically come from state officials of the same party as the president. Thompson, who is close to Obama and endorsed his candidacy, is making most of the nominations for Mississippi.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Travis Childers’ office confirmed he has also made a recommendation, but declined to discuss the details.

U.S. Rep Gene Taylor has not made any recommendations.