Supertalk – Miss. Treasurer Lynn Fitch on MPACT and Financial Literacy

JACKSON, Miss.—Mississippi Treasurer Lynn Fitch spoke the media on Friday about two different topics of which both children were the main focus.

First Fitch spoke about a financial literacy bill she is proposing to the legislature dealing with financial education in the schools.

“Currently there are only four state that mandate personal finance,” she said.

She spoke about trying to reach kids early with education on how to handle money instead of waiting until it’s too late and they’re in debt shortly after they graduate from high school.

“We do have some levels of personal finance but it’s not mandated in our state,” Fitch added.

And currently there’s no benchmark or certification a teacher must have that mandates they’re qualified to even teach such a class.

The cost to implement mandatory financial education into the state would be one time cost of around $5 million according to the treasurer.