Supervisor Kenneth Stokes Protests Gun Company Coming to Mississippi

A gun manufacturer is on the way to Mississippi, but it’s not a done deal yet, and there are some who say despite state lawmakers’ welcome to the company, not everyone is celebrating the business.

A protest against the company is expected to take place Monday at noon.

State lawmakers accomplished their goal of luring a gun maker to Mississippi but not everyone is happy to see them here.

Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes plans to protest the arrival of Talon Ordnance. He says a peaceful picket will be held outside the Governor’s Mansion at 12 p.m.

“Blood money from guns is similar to blood money from dope dealers. They destroy lives and we don’t need blood money in Mississippi. Yes, we need jobs but not that badly that we are going to let them bring more guns and have more babies being killed,” says Supervisor Stokes.