Surprise! Jim Hood declines comment to CNN on pardons

Hood’s office said last week that if Ozment does not comply, a judge has the authority to hold him in contempt.

But CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin had a different opinion on the case as a civil — not criminal — matter at this point.

“He (Ozment) probably safely could ignore that piece of paper,” Toobin said last week on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

But if the attorney general succeeds in having the pardons declared invalid, “his (Ozment’s) pardon is no longer valid. Then, the attorney general can get an arrest warrant and — if (the attorney general) can find him at that point — bring him back.”

Added Ozment’s Wyoming attorney, “He hasn’t even been required to file an answer in the civil case. There’s no use in him being a spectator. It’s just legal arguments.”
“The question is if there is any jurisdiction for a court to review a pardon in the first place,” Moxley told CNN.

A spokesman for the attorney general told CNN that Hood would not have any comment on the case until after the Thursday hearing.