The Sun Herald, 8/10/8

You know how I hate to say “I told you so,” but it looks like I was on the money when I said a legislative bill early this year was “one to watch… . Especially if some particular lawmaker were to later be appointed to the Parole Board, despite having given $5,000 or more to the governor’s campaign.”

Guess what. Some particular lawmaker was just appointed to a $77,000-a-year job on the Parole Board, despite having given $5,000 to Gov. Haley Barbour, who appointed him. That’s thanks to a little provision sneaked into the law which, until it was tweaked, prohibited anyone who gives more than $500 to a governor from being appointed to the Parole Board.

That lawmaker is/was Danny Guice, R-Ocean Springs, who has just sworn up and down that he had nothing to do with the change in the rules. In fact, he even abstained from voting on the bill.