SZVETITZ COLUMN: Ahh … that sweet smell of football

It’s that time again.
I would ask if you can smell it, but I know better.
I know you. I know that it’s not only gotten in your nose, but in your eyes and skin. Some of you have even taken a bath in it.
It is football season. And it’s here.
And in SEC country, there’s nothing better. Right?
Across the conference (and country) college football programs are taking to the field to begin preparations for the 2008 season.
Auburn kicked it off Saturday. Oh, but you knew that already. You were there. And if you weren’t, you’ve read enough or talked to enough people who were to make you feel as if you were present at the intramural fields or in Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum for Saturday’s festivities.
It’s the same all across the country.
Sure, the first game’s not for another four weeks or so, but that doesn’t matter. This is the time everyone loves.
Except for maybe the players. They’ve probably got a different take on spending August with 30 pounds of equipment on, running through drills that never seem to end, hitting dummies, each other and the ground more times than a 5-year-old popping a birthday piñata.
For the players, it’s work.