TAGGART – Why I’m for Billy Hewes

Incredible as it seems, the race for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Mississippi will be effectively over on Aug. 2. No Democrat is running for the number two slot in state government, and though there is a dispute over who gets to be the “Reform Party” candidate to appear on the November ballot, it makes no difference. The Republican nominee chosen in less than three weeks will be Mississippi’s next Lt. Governor.

Indeed, seven of the eight statewide offices will be effectively decided following the August 2 primary or the run-off on August 23, when the Republican nominees are chosen. Among Democrats, only Attorney General Jim Hood has a realistic prospect of being elected, and he will face a strong challenge from Republican Steve Simpson, former Commissioner of Public Safety.

Given that, voters around the state do not have the luxury of waiting until the fall to focus on our statewide elections and, as often happens, making decisions about candidates in the last week of October. The statewide elections will be essentially over in August.

And in no respect is that fact more glaringly important than with regard to the race for Lt. Governor.

Andy Taggart