TAGGART – How wide is Jim Hood’s “family immunity”

This week saw three big enforcement cases in the news.

In two of them, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and State Auditor Stacey Pickering were pursuing enforcement actions against cemetery owners and state employees, respectively, for stealing money. Both officials seem to be aggressively fulfilling the duties of their offices.

In the third case came news that the feds and a former partner of Dickie Scruggs are fighting over the half million dollars forfeited by former Hinds DA Ed Peters in connection with the Delaughter bribery case. Nowhere to be seen or heard from in that case, though, is the chief legal officer of the State of Mississippi, Attorney General Jim Hood.

A long time ago Hood announced that he would not be bringing state charges against those who are guilty in the Scruggs cases (Scruggs, Scruggs, Langston, Patterson and Balducci), because he said it would be like prosecuting family members. With Hood missing in action on recovery of Peters’ ill-gotten gain, too, one wonders how widely Hood’s family immunity reaches.

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