Surely Jim Hood did not actually say that

Hood, who opposes legislation allowing state agency heads to do just that, is quoted in the final sentence of the article as follows: “If you let agencies go out there, they’ll hire their buddies.”

Jere, do you suppose Hood really said that? Because if he did, the irony of that comment when compared to the fact that he hires attorneys so personally close to him that he describes them in family terms is mind-boggling.

Remember when Hood was asked why he was not pursuing efforts to recover ill-gotten gains from convicted former Special Assistant Attorneys General Dickie Scruggs, Joey Langston and Tim Balducci, along with Steve Patterson and the rest of the gang? He said then that he could not do pursue state charges after the feds busted the judicial bribery cabal because to do so would be like prosecuting relatives.

And he’s worried that state agency heads might hire their buddies?

Clarion Ledger