Taggart leaves the Clarion-Ledger, fed up with liberal agenda

This is my last post on the Red Blue Blog.

When Sid Salter was still at the Clarion-Ledger, I was at least willing to continue to soldier on, because I had the sense that there was one voice of middle-of-the-road values who was pushing back against the left wing mantra of Gannett at the Clarion-Ledger.

Now that Sid is gone, the balance is also gone.

Tonight’s headline on the C-L wire story is, “Republicans kill Obama jobs bill.”

Horse harnesses.

Once upon a time, Sid Salter provided at least some balance. Now you people have gone over the edge.

Forty six, count them, 46, Republicans voted against Barack Obama’s tax hiking bill. That’s a minority of the United States Senate.

That means that Democrats — members of the President’s party — also opposed what he was trying to do to Americans and the American economy.

The left wing crowd at the Clarion-Ledger blamed a minority of Republicans for the failure of Barack Obama’s bill.

I’m done with them.

Good night, and good riddance.