Tate Democrat Editorial – State 40 million – consumers 12 – lawyers ??

State legislators are licking their chops concerning the receipt of some $40 million from a 10-year-old lawsuit against Microsoft.

Most expect the lawmakers to use the one-time money to patch-up the state’s overblown budget. The temporary fix will help lawmakers solve their political needs for this year, but will do nothing to keep the state out of the same sinking fiscal boat next year.

Another provision of the lawsuit is that Mississippians who bought certain Microsoft products will get whopping $5 to $12 vouchers after filling out the proper forms.

It is not known how much money private attorneys – lawyers other than those on the state’s permanent payroll – will reap from the case.

As far as we can ascertain from the publically-released settlement document, the only reference to attorney’s fees is:

“Microsoft played no part in negotiating the fees and expenses paid to plaintiff’s counsel and takes no position as to whether those fees and expenses are reasonable and appropriate.” (Curiously, this statement was in the published settlement three times.)

Tate County Democrat

Hat/Tip Majority in Mississippi: Tate County Democrat On Microsoft and Attorney’s Fees