Tate Reeves Releases Video from Statewide Announcement Tour This Week
DeSoto Event Re-Scheduled for Wednesday, February 16th Due to Weather

Mississippi Treasurer Tate Reeves announced his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor this week in a series of stops across the state. Today his campaign released a web video highlighting portions of the speech he gave on Monday morning in his hometown of Florence, Mississippi. Watch the video.

Joining Reeves were friends, family, supporters and students in the Florence Middle School gymnasium. Citing lessons learned on the basketball courts at Florence High and Millsaps College and values gained from growing up in a small town in Mississippi, Reeves quoted Ronald Reagan to express his optimism about the future of our state: “While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future.”

In discussing his values and the future of Mississippi, Reeves reiterated his pro-life stance and commitment to protecting the unborn, stating, “If you believe Mississippi can be a state with no abortion clinics and thus truly the safest place in America for the unborn, then I’m your candidate.”

Reeves expressed his desire to continue his role as a watchdog for taxpayers and cited his experience in the private sector and accomplishments managing the treasury for the last seven years as reasons voters should choose him in the August 2nd Republican primary. “I worked hard every day to get our debt burden in Mississippi under control. And I worked to protect our state’s credit rating,” he said.

Reeves made clear that as Lt. Governor he will focus on policies that will make Mississippi a great place to do business and provide a foundation for future economic growth, including limiting the size of state government, as well as the tax burden on Mississippi citizens. “There are still people who believe government can spend Mississippians money better than Mississippians can. Those people have a great deal of power in our state capitol. They have power in both parties. They don’t particularly care whether Democrats or Republicans win…. they just want the insiders to win. And the last thing they want is a watchdog that answers only to the people of Mississippi. Well, I have some news for them…a watchdog is what they are about to get.”