Jackson 1% tax commissioner: Delays not on us

Instead, as Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber puts it, commissioners often hinder progress by getting bogged down by things “out of the scope of the responsibility of that commission.”

One commissioner appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant, Pete Perry, took the mayor to task in a Jan. 11 letter to the Jackson City Council, in which he suggested Yarber’s rhetoric about the commission delaying projects is false. The commission is responsible for overseeing expenditures of the $12 million to $15 million generated each year through the one-cent sales tax increase Jackson voters approved in 2014.

“Mayor Yarber states that the delay in getting the Robinson Road bridge replaced was because of the requirements created by the 1% commission,” Perry wrote. “It is simply not true that the delays are due to actions (or inactions (sic)) by the Commission.”

Clarion Ledger