Tax-payers to cover Mayor Melton’s airfare for music meeting in Vegas

Jackson Mayor Frank Melton is going to Las Vegas next week, and city taxpayers are sending him there.

Melton called The Clarion-Ledger Friday and volunteered that he plans to attend the annual dinner of the National Association of Broadcasters and a meeting of music rights and publishing company Broadcast Music Inc. Melton is a member of the BMI board and has often charged costs associated with attending the meeting with his bodyguards back to the city by saying he uses the position to recruit business for the city.

Melton said the city is paying his $480 airfare to and from Las Vegas while BMI is picking up the other expenses.

“I’m just telling you this up front,” he said. “It’s no big deal. I could pay it myself, but I’m sick of coming out of my pocket for city business.”