WLOX, 3/11/8

Mississippi has a total of 40 delegates who will have a say in who becomes the Democratic nominee for president. Thirty-three delegates will be divvied up based on Tuesday’s primary vote. Seven other super-delegates can align with whichever candidate they like.

One of Mississippi’s super-delegates is fourth district Congressman Gene Taylor. So far, he hasn’t endorsed either of the democrats running for president, and Taylor told WLOX News he won’t, until he determines if they support his all perils legislation.

Congressman Taylor said Tuesday’s primary has certainly helped him focus lawmakers on his insurance plan.

“For one thing, it’s helped on the all perils bill by having at least one of the candidates come down here – Mrs. Clinton come down here and endorse it. My hope is that Mr. Obama will as well, and we’re hoping Mr. McCain will change. Based on the other two candidates, we hope Sen. McCain will change his mind on it,” Rep. Taylor said.